10 Weird & Obscure Facts About Quentin Tarantino

6. The Pussy Wagon From Kill Bill? He Kept It

tarantino kill bill Yes, you read right. Michael Fleming, the journalist that sat down and spoke with Tarantino for Playboy in 2003, visited the auteur in his home in the Hollywood Hills for a follow up interview in November 2012. He describes pulling up into the driveway and seeing the bright yellow Chevy Silverado SS parked beneath a drive-in theater prop from Grindhouse. After remarking that it probably wouldn't be the most discreet vehicle around, Tarantino just shrugs off his concern, describing how when he's drives around Malibu, people are always remarking on the director and the car. It is a decision that could be considered nothing less than flamboyant. It's arrogant. Rather bizarre. But it's basically Quentin Tarantino in a nutshell, and that's why I was tickled pink to discover this fact.

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