Nothing allows for a quicker display of character compassion than a strategically placed sex scene. But then, that’s not always strictly the case, is it? Sex scenes in movies are used for all sorts of reasons outside of the romantic. Often, they can actually be pretty weird, totally unexpected and otherwise totally uncomfortable.

Sex in film is a cinematic device and just like any other it can be used to many different effects. More often than not it is used to show a physical connection between to romantically linked characters but sometimes it’s used to conjure much darker, much more dramatic feelings in the viewer. Hell, sometimes sex is used purely for comedic effect (more on that later).

There’ve been many sex scenes throughout cinema history; too many, I’d wager to be able to feasibly count. This list aims to discuss those sex scenes that came, for all intents and purposes, completely out of the blue (meaning you couldn’t sneak away in embarrassment beforehand if you were originally watching with your parents) and what’s more, were completely, eyebrow raisingly weird.

It goes without saying that this list contains pretty much exclusively sexually themed content and as a result might not (edit: definitely won’t) be suitable for children or probably anyone with a squeamish attitude toward pretty awkward and often times pretty weird sexual practices.

Still here? Alright! Let’s get wrist deep in filth!

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This article was first posted on November 10, 2012