10 'What If?' Scenarios That Almost Changed Comic Book Movies Forever

More Schumacher, no Nolan.


'What If' scenarios can be some of the most hotly-debated conversations a person can have, especially if there's a few beers involved. From sports and music to film and television, these 'nearly moments' always generate plenty of debate among friends.

The movie business in particular is full of them. What if Tom Selleck didn't drop out of Raiders of the Lost Ark? What if OJ Simpson was cast as the Terminator? What if Burt Reynolds was Han Solo? And what if Uwe Boll had used his literature degree and not become a filmmaker? These are the kind of compelling questions that have been discussed a thousand times over.

As comic book movies as a genre are in the ascendancy, there's inevitably added interest in what could have been as well as naturally increased levels of scrutiny. And that has uncovered some projects that almost managed to escape from development hell and become a reality.

These hypothetical situations could have fundamentally changed the entire genre, and sent a ripple effect across the entire superhero spectrum. Whether that is for better or worse, is up for interpretation.


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