10 Worst Horror Prequels Ever Made

You know, the bit that happened before the important bit. Sometimes you're better off not knowing.

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From psychiatrist to cannibal. Mummy's boy to slasher in the shower. Jedi to Sith Lord. Kiddie-killer to Dream Demon. No matter how iconic the villain, everyone has to start somewhere. And there's a particular fancy, particular in horror movies, to pore over every aspect of a monster's rising, no matter how mundane.

And so, as the recent Wolf Creek TV series allowed us a brief insight into outback bastard Mick Taylor's earliest days, so spook 'em up Ouija: Origin of Evil will go back 50 years into the history of Ouija's haunted house. Next up, Texas Chainsaw Massacre man Leatherface is set to explore his upbringing in 2017's Leatherface.

Whether it's the beloved TV series Hannibal, the smart Saw III, or the intriguing Prometheus (yes, really), there's no denying a place in horror history for the prequel. Letting us get to know our heroes and villains better, a good horror sequel can show how certain elements came to fall into place (thematically, like Prometheus, or historically, like Hannibal) and enrich your franchise and its heritage.

In other cases, however, it's simply a way for studios and filmmakers to wring a little bit of extra cash out of a character they foolishly killed too early in the series, or wrote into in a corner.

In the case of the next ten movies, we'll learn that some stories might be better left untold...


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