10 Worst James Bond Movie Performances Ever

"The name's... erm... what's my line again?"

The James Bond franchise is far from perfect - pretty damn far, actually. As firm a grip as it holds over modern popular culture, the cinematic world of 007 is one riddled with shoddy performances and unconvincing casting decisions. While the strength of each actor to have played James Bond himself is hotly debated among fans, the surrounding cast of villains, Bond girls and henchmen is equally inconsistent. It's a testament to the strength of Fleming's world and characters, as well as the higher-quality movies of the series, that the franchise is still so beloved despite its many missteps. A quick viewing of pretty much any Bond movie will unearth at least one or two ropey performances - sometimes from a peripheral figure with only a few lines, sometimes from the main man himself. No franchise in history can boast quite the same level of success on the back of so many disastrous attempts at acting; it might even be argued that poor performances are as much a part of the 007 tradition as the fancy cars and hidden gadgets. Here's a look at ten of the worst performances in the history of the James Bond series, including a few big names who should really have known better.
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