10 Worst Movie Plot Twists Of All Time


Probably the most important part of just about any movie is its ending; get it right and you can have a cinematic masterpiece on your hands, but get it wrong and your film might be destined to stew in the mire of DVD bargain bin Hell for all of eternity. The plot twist is a mainstay of narrative form, an attempt to confound viewer expectation in a way that forces them to re-evaluate the narrative and the characters therein. At its best, it can make a great film better, and at its worst, it can sink even the very best efforts. These films vary in quality; some are terrible from the outset, some are OK, and some are great, at least until the twist comes along and completely derails things. Some of these instances were clearly directors trying too hard to shock us, and in others, apparently not trying hard enough. Here are the 10 worst movie plot twists of all time...

10. Tyler Dies In 9/11 - Remember Me

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPyd9J9kkJk I remember seeing the trailer for Remember Me and thinking that it didn't look too bad, at least for a film that was clearly exploiting Robert Pattinson's nascent Twilight fame rather than attempting to challenge him artistically. For the majority of its run-time Remember Me is a mostly watchable though occasionally overwrought drama, reaching its most misguided moment when we see Tyler (Pattinson) standing in his father's empty office. Just then, we cut to his young sister at school, and the date is written on the board - "September 11th, 2001". Cut back to Tyler, and the camera pans out from the window to reveal that he is in fact inside the World Trade Center, mere moments before the attacks occur. He is killed in 9/11, and this climactic point became a point of contention for critics; was it an audacious way to challenge audiences, or just a tacky way to make a twist out of a national tragedy? People tended to weigh in on the latter side of the spectrum; after all, Tyler could have been killed by any worldly method, so to piggy-back onto 9/11 to try in an effort to give the film a more emotionally enhanced resonance seems extremely crass. The result is one of the most misguided twists of all time.
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