10 Worst Movie Sex Scenes Of 2017

How are we supposed to Netflix and chill to this?

Fifty Shades Darker Dakota Johnson Jamie Dornan

To give the film industry credit where it's due, there sure have been some stand-up (pun intended) sex scenes this year. From historical romps of the most literal variety to sexy European flicks and some very handy masturbation tips by way of Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me By Your Name and an unsuspecting peach, there’s been enough lusty onscreen sex in 2017 to keep us titillated well into next year.

But for every steamy tryst us moviegoers have seen, there’s been an awful sex scene to kill the mood. Some of 2017’s most memorably bad cinematic sex have been so lame and uninspired it’s barely enough to raise our libidos even slightly.

Other sex scenes this year, however, have been off-putting in other ways entirely. And by ‘off-putting’ we mean human on fish-man sex, borderline necrophilia and Tom Cruise getting his rocks off – the latter being the most disturbing of all.

Sorry in advance for ruining your future sex lives.

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