10 Worst Movies Of 2019 (So Far)

9. The Professor

Saban Films

Every time you say that Johnny Depp is a good actor these days, you have to say it with a slightly more pronounced shrug and with a few more caveats and a little bit louder so you sound convinced yourself. Because the more he does on screen, these days, the less goodwill he earns with his performances.

He's definitely still an interesting enough presence to guarantee he continues to be cast in big movies, but if he keeps putting out dull dross like The Professor, you have to suspect that will dry up.

In it, Depp plays a dying academic who decides to become a party animal for his final days, which sounds like a set-up full of potential for pathos and uplifting ideas, but it all just comes off as deeply unconvincing. Chief among the issues is the severe unlikeability factor of Depp's lead, largely because he's so uneven and so quick to unwelcome hammy notes. It's like Jack Sparrow hangs on him like a ghost everywhere he goes now.


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