10 Worst Performances In 2017 Movies (So Far)

Fifty Shades Of Sh*t.

Warner Bros.

Some would argue that the perfect film cannot - and does not - exist.

Whether you agree or disagree with that notion is your call, but it's easy to understand what it's getting at. Films are produced by thousands and thousands of people and there are so many different factors at play that the chances of every tiny detail being perfect are slim.

Some of these details - shoddy practical effects, visible wires, a boom mic sneaking into frame - can be fixed in post, but others - like bad acting - are a lot more difficult to mask.

2017 has already had its fair share of movies with this same problem; Adam Sandler's latest launched in April so we knew we'd have at least one solid candidate, and on the whole, this year's acting really hasn't been anything to shout home about.

Hits like Logan and Get Out did temporarily buck that trend, but those aside, the last six months have failed to deliver us a truly outstanding, widely-acclaimed performance.

There have been plenty of stinkers, though. And aren't they infinitely more entertaining to discuss?


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