10 Worst Summer Movies Of All Time

No amount of popcorn could save them.

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“When the first 747s landed at Los Angeles International Airport, everybody thought flying through the sky was the greatest marvel they had ever seen,” Steven Spielberg said in 2000. “Today we never even look at 747s. They’re a dime a dozen, and it’s the same with the blockbuster.”

He has a point: when Jaws opened in 1975, it played all summer long in American theaters. Four decades later, Wonder Woman astonished Hollywood’s bean counters by still being in the top three in its third week. There’s a strange kind of madness at work here, one that allows audiences to put each big summer movie from their minds before moving on to the next.

Given the quality of most summer movies, that’s probably a blessing. If you want quality, intelligence or basic storytelling competence, you’ve got the wrong season. Richard Donner’s Superman was released at Christmas, as were Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings films. Fox kept Deadpool away from the silly season altogether, releasing it in February.

The studios reserved summer release dates for the likes of Ben Hur, Spiderman 3 and Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End, but are these the worst of their breed?

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