10 Wrestling Movies That Should Be Made

How difficult could outdoing No Holds Barred possibly be?

Montreal Screwjob

While professional wrestling's penchant for drama gives the sport more than a few things in common with the movie industry, the two worlds don't tend to mesh well. You need only look at the long list of cinematic atrocities that have escaped WWE Studios over the years to understand this, or any film Hulk Hogan has ever been attached to, for that matter.

Sometimes it works. 2008's The Wrestler is a tough, gritty portrayal of life beyond the squared circle, and The Rock and Batista's Hollywood success shows the two worlds can be bridged, albeit under exceptional circumstances. The results aren't always pretty, but as long as there's money to be made, the wrestling and film industries will continue to collide.

With films on Vince McMahon's life, the Chris Benoit tragedy, and Paige's family of wrestlers in the works, it could be a busy couple of years for wrestling movies. The sport is peppered with great stories ready to be told on the big screen, and while many would hold limited appeal outside WWE's existing fanbase, each could make a seamless transition if handled correctly, and given the same level of care and attention as The Wrestler...

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