11 Awful Directors With One Great Movie

1. Len Wiseman - Live Free Or Die Hard

Len Wiseman Total Recall
Columbia Pictures

The Awful Director: After working as a commercial and music video director for many years, Len Wiseman got his big break helming 2003's critically-panned Underworld and its even worse-received sequel, Underworld: Evolution.

Like Tarsem Singh, Wiseman is an often impressive stylist who typically can't weave those compelling single images into an appealing whole, as further evidenced in his terrible and pointless 2012 Total Recall remake.

Wiseman hasn't directed a film since then, instead working in the less-demanding realm of serialised TV (Sleepy Hollow, Lucifer, APB), though he is reportedly planning to direct the upcoming sixth Die Hard movie. Speaking of which...

The One Great Movie: Wiseman is apparently a far more effective filmmaker when he's not dealing with silly fantasy nonsense and over-the-top sci-fi shenanigans, because while the fourth Die Hard movie isn't a touch on the original, it is certainly one of the better sequels and an efficient, engaging, snazzily shot action flick.

Live Free or Die Hard temporarily reinvigorated the franchise after a long absence, and that's Wiseman's single notable accomplishment as a director. Perhaps returning to the series might get him doing good work once again.

Which terrible filmmaker has pulled off the most impressive fluke? Shout it out in the comments!


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