11 Bizarre Movie Accidents That Somehow Weren’t Cut

"Just leave it in, nobody will notice"

Django Unchained Leonardo DiCaprio
The Weinstein Company

As the Internet will tell you until it's blue in the face, movies are full of mistakes and there's a sort of perverse currency that has grown on the back of being the smart guy who manages to point them out. Plot-holes, inaccuracies and goofs are traded with gusto, with the more obscure finds being the most valued, as if they're a new type of Easter Egg.

Slightly less impressive is spotting mistakes in movies that are so horrifically obvious that you have to wonder how exactly they made it through the edit. There are multiple people employed on those projects, who probably watch the footage hundreds of times in total, what with filming, reviewing, editing and testing with audiences (or just the creative team themselves). And yet they somehow conspire to let some mistakes, accidents and blunders through the net that suggest they probably weren't up to the task in the first place.

It isn't enough it suggest that film-making is hard, sometimes the issues are so profoundly obvious that they completely distract you as a viewer, meaning it would have been nigh-on impossible for them to not pick them up before they got to the big screen. Almost like they neglected their duties on purpose.

Sometimes they're left in on purpose (as bloopers like Star-Lord dropping and catching the Orb can add to a scene), but other times - more embarrassingly - they're overlooked because of laziness or silliness or a combination of the two...

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