11 Bonkers Theories About 2019’s Movies That Surely Can’t Be True

10. The Toys Give Up Their Sentience At The End - Toy Story 4

Woody Poster Toy Story 4

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen have both talked extensively about how emotionally draining it was to record the final scenes of Toy Story 4, suggesting that audiences aren't quite prepared for how far Pixar is going to take their signature tear-jerking.

This has led to the theory that Toy Story 4 will be focused primarily on a villainous toy who plans to reveal himself to his owner.

This could possibly be the new character Forky, who is clearly torn between being a toy and a tool, and could therefore be driven insane by his existential crisis. Despite Woody trying to stop him, it leads to the entire world finding out that toys are alive.

This causes worldwide chaos as parents stop giving toys to their kids and toy stores close down, prompting Andy's toys to somehow find a way to return things to normal. Woody and co. ultimately decide that the only way to restore order is to voluntarily surrender their sentience and become simply play-things once again.

Even accepting that it'd be an enormously depressing "ending" to the franchise and raises a heap of logic issues (such as how to make everyone forget what they saw), it's tough to believe that every single toy on the planet would uniformly agree to effectively die.

There's also zero evidence they're even capable of turning themselves off, though that can probably be lampshaded easily enough.

It's a clever idea, though probably a bit too dark and strictly conclusive for Disney's tastes.

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