11 Changes The MCU Wishes It Could Make

11. Making A Female Superhero Movie Sooner


DC doesn't often beat Marvel to the punch in Hollywood these days, but it got one over on its bitter rival earlier this year when it became the first or the two to launch a major female-fronted superhero movie.

Wonder Woman was a monster hit at the box office and proved a smash with critics too. DC and Warner Bros were hailed for embracing diversity and a new age of girl power is threatening to take Hollywood by storm.

The acclaim and the headlines could have been Marvel's had they announced plans to launch a female-led comic book movie during the first phase of the MCU. They certainly have characters that could have fulfilled this role, like Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow, who could have used a solo film in the run-up to The Avengers.

Marvel Studios can only wonder what might have been on that one, but the firm will debut its first superheroine solo film in 2019 when Captain Marvel lands in cinemas, while next year's Ant-Man and the Wasp will make the first time a female character's name has appeared an MCU movie title.

No doubt Marvel would love to have done this before DC, but at least there are signs it's diversifying its roster.


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