11 Confusing Moments That Prove All Movies Exist In An Alternate Reality

11. Huey Lewis Plays A Teacher, But Marty Has A News Poster In His Room - Back To The Future

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In arguably the most famous cameo of all time, famous New Yorker and musical genius Huey Lewis appeared as a disgruntled teacher, and talent show panelist in Back To The Future, in a nod to his work on the soundtrack. As a further joke, Lewis also bemoaned the fact that Marty McFly's band (The Pinheads) are just too darn loud to be part of the talent show, despite playing his own composition, "The Power Of Love."

Hilarious of course, but that's not where the references to The News stop. At the end of the movie, Marty's clock radio plays "Back In Time" also by Huey Lewis & The News, and manages to ignore both the fact that his teacher bears an uncanny resemblance to the lead singer, and that the song contains numerous references to the film that he's currently starring in, and he himself. That would have been an awful lot simpler to accept if it wasn't for the fact that Marty is enough of a fan of The News to have a poster on his bedroom wall.

Showing the same kind of conviction in their preservation of the laws of paradoxes as they did in preserving the sanctity of the time continuum, the Back To The Future universe casually messes with paradoxes on multiple occasions, including showing clips of famous '80s shows Family Ties and Taxi in Cafe '80s, as in-jokes to their own stars, given that each starred Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd respectively. The implications are then that Michael J Fox never starred in Family Ties, or Lloyd in Taxi, and that Huey Lewis & The News is fronted by someone other than Huey Lewis.

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