11 Directors Who Won Oscars For Completely The Wrong Movie

Yes they won, but they could have won better.

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If you listen hard enough at any given point during the year, you can probably hear The Academy either getting something wrong or preparing to. It now seems to be part of the Oscar culture - for the panel apparently entrusted as the Most Important People in Hollywood to throw in a couple of curveballs and a couple of fouls every time they unveil the annual crop of Oscar contenders.

Hell, it wouldn't be Oscar season without some good old-fashioned pitch-fork wielding.

But arguably worse than those mistakes that leave worthy winners snubbed or not even nominated are the ones you're not really allowed to complain about. Nobody in their right mind is going to stand up in front of everyone they've just beaten to an Oscar to complain that they probably should have actually won it for something else entirely. That'd just be ungrateful.

It happens, though, and both actors and directors have to live with the knowledge that their BEST work wasn't rightly acknowledged. That's a hell of a caveat to have to add to one of the greatest days of your entire career, and while it might seem trivial, it's got to be a background frustration...

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