11 Directors Who Won Oscars For Completely The Wrong Movie

10. Billy Wilder

Shirley MacLaine Jack Lemmon Billy Wilder The Apartment
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Won For... The Lost Weekend & The Apartment

Should Have Won For... Some Like It Hot

Nobody in their right mind would argue that The Apartment didn't deserve significant accolades or that The Lost Weekend isn't a brilliant film, but if it comes down to an "either or" situation, Some Like It Hot should have won Best Director for Billy Wilder.

Though the Academy is rather famously drawn away from comedies, the cross-dressing caper should have been allowed to score the iconic director a rare win for the funnies. It's a perfectly crafted comedy, and it has lasted longer in memory and appreciation than almost all of 1959's Best Film nominees (aside from Ben-Hur) - a category it was wrongly snubbed from too.

Some Like It Hot is a triumph of performances, which is down to Wilder's direction, and of comic timing - which again comes down to the director and it surpasses The Apartment (just about) on all fronts.

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