The continuing rise of Grand Theft Auto has had quite an impact on movies. Aside from keeping any male under the age of twenty five out of the cinema (or any place that doesn’t have an Xbox), they’ve taken much of the heat for corrupting children with their violent content.

In reality films are still warping people’s minds exactly as much they have been since fundamentalists worried what havoc this new spangled technology would wreak; not really at all. Children aren’t jumping off rooftops dressed as bats or sowing their mouths to each other’s anus just like they weren’t dressing up as their mothers to slash blondes or burning policemen alive.

The notion of imitating films is something that gets knocked out of us the moment we can comprehend what the word fiction means. What we instead let films do is let them use fantastical events (even realistic stories use pretty heavy dramatic licence) to teach us new things and give us a whole new set of morals.

Of course, sometimes those lessons are more than a little questionable. Most of the time critics are fans are quick to jump on the offending film, but every now and then one can rise into notoriety bringing that worrying message with it. Coming up today are eleven famous movies that you didn’t realise were giving us terrible life lessons.

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This article was first posted on September 26, 2013