11 Irresistible Movie Moments That Wore Out Your Pause Button

Pucker up.

Cruel Intentions Back before DVDs and Blu-rays, there used to be an awful lot of grubby pleasure in pausing the TV or a VHS at key moments to try and uncover Easter Eggs the directors had hidden in their work. Of course, thanks to the resulting wavey image and disruptive broken lines across it, it was pretty much impossible, but it never stopped anyone from trying. And then, very occasionally you heard a whisper of a rumour, that someone had been watching a movie last night, and if you pause it at just the right moment, you can see up the actresses skirt, or down her blouse in such a way that would make it very hard to explain to your mother if she walked in at that precise moment. Those moments were cherished, and shrouded in the type of mystery that only the failings of technology could preserve, until the dawn of DVDs and Laserdiscs allowed viewers to examine movies frame by frame, looking for the mistakes, hidden secrets and subliminal messages that they would go and put on the internet for the other four people who used it back then. And even when they were revealed, and the magic was taken out of the whole dynamic by precise pausing, the impact was never lost, and directors have continued to include moments in their films that they know will have viewers reaching for their remotes to pause and enjoy for longer. As if that needed proving, we're celebrating the very best irresistible moments in movies that wore out your pause button. But first off, something slightly different...

Dishonourable Mention

In The Cut
Yeah... noone wants to see that, Meg. Nobody. Fast forward.
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