11 Upcoming Sci-Fi Movies That Could Be Better Than Star Wars: The Force Awakens

8. Ready Player One

Anytime Steven Spielberg comes back science-fiction, it€™s exciting. This is the master filmmaker behind classics like E.T. and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, and this time he€™s armed with an award winning book to adapt, what€™s not to love? Set in a video game world, the film will follow teenager Wade Watts as he seeks to inherit the game creator€™s fortune by completing a quest and winning the game. In an ideal world, this could play out like a combination of The Lego Movie and Inception, but there's always the fear that it could turn out like 2009€™s forgettable Gamer. Considering Spielberg's track record, it's safe to bet on the former. The setting is so imaginative and the story is rooted in references to the 1980s, two elements that Spielberg should have an incredible handle on. Exploring space has been done already in plenty of amazing movies but short of Tron, there's not many good examples of the digital world being adapted in a compelling way. This film looks to capture that same fun blockbuster spirit that Star Wars has, so look for Spielberg to deliver a film that lives up to its promise in a setting unlike any we've seen before.

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