12 Actors Who Were Brilliant In Utterly Sh*t Movies

At least when you cast Gary Oldman as Matthew McConaughey's dwarf brother he turns up.

There is a rich history of awful films featuring great actors, in fact, to handily illustrate this; Robert DeNiro has dedicated the latter part of his career to appearing in some of the worst abominations in cinema history. Unlike Bob, some thespians take their job very seriously and, even if the movie they€™ve accepted is truly, inescapably sh*t they still put in the effort to make sure that at least they come out smelling of roses.

While it can be jarring to see Oscar winners giving moving performances in bargain bin fodder, it can sometimes make you appreciate how brilliant they are when they€™re forced to trade lines with a bunch of talentless hacks. Of course, not every movie is going to be an award winning masterpiece, but the actors who manage to provide us with awesome performances in absolute garbage probably deserve one for putting in the effort.

Imagine having to stand in front of a disinterested film crew while trying to bring your A-game to a rubbish scene in a terrible movie. It€™s no surprise some actors cruise through these unfortunate choices; they€™ve got a truckload of money coming to them either way. But this isn€™t about those that give up, this is for all those that persevere and prove that while they may pick awful scripts occasionally, that won€™t stop them from giving it everything they€™ve got.


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