12 Awesome Recent Movies That Must Never Get Sequels

1. It Follows

It Follows Horror
Northern Lights Films

It Follows is one of the most memorable horror films released in the last few years, a gorgeously-shot, quietly creepy psychological horror which made ten-fold its mere $2 million budget at the box office.

The core premise, of an antagonist transmitted through sex, was so deliciously inventive that it wasn't long before Radius-TWC announced they were considering a sequel which would investigate the origins of the titular "It".

This movie had such a fiercely original concept that going back to the well once again just feels like a bad idea, especially if it plans to demystify the nature of the malevolent entity.

How Likely Is It?: Writer-director David Robert Mitchell has been mostly radio silent on his involvement, suggesting it's probably not happening, especially as he's plenty busy working on his next movie, Under the Silver Lake. Fans of the original are probably safe. 4/10

Which awesome movies are least in need of a sequel? Shout them out in the comments!

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