12 Awesome Recent Movies That Must Never Get Sequels

12. Get Out

get out movie
Universal Pictures

Get Out has been one of the year's big indie success stories, multiplying its $4.5 million budget more than fifty-fold, with its gleefully subversive satire of American racial politics lovingly wrapped around an intense horror narrative.

Any horror movie that grosses as much as Get Out did has studio executives eager for a sequel to be churned out, but considering how brilliantly effective the film is as a one-off, there doesn't seem to be much natural room for a sequel. It'd be much more enticing to see writer-director Jordan Peele putting his talents to something new.

How Likely Is It?: Though Peele has mentioned the prospect of a follow-up and claims he has a few ideas floating around, his most recent response has been, "Don't expect a sequel", which is probably for the best. 2/10


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