12 Awesome Villains In Otherwise Terrible Movies

11. Justin Hammer - Iron Man 2

Justin Hammer Sam Rockwell.jpg
Marvel Studios

Somewhat infamously, Iron Man 2 is another of those movies made by committee that ended up being a disappointing mess - particularly by the high standards set by the MCU.

It was under-cooked, uneven and wasted most of its great ideas - including hobbling secondary villain Whiplash and not exploring Tony Stark's addiction allegory better.

But thanks to the exceptional, perpetual talent of Sam Rockwell, it did still have a great villain who deserves to return in a future MCU movie. He was cast as a smarmy, dark mirror of Stark, driven by everything that drove him before his personal revelation in Afghanistan and he deserved a lot more than the boring, sloppy mess of a film he was introduced in.

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