12 Best Movie Sex Scenes Of 2018

Aliens, camgirls and how to pleasure the Queen...

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2018 was a mixed bag of cinema, with severe disappointments and some truly great, truly innovative releases. Now that we're on the cusp of the Oscars and the end of the awards season, it'll be time to look ahead to 219 and beyond, but for now, a little restrospection is still welcome.

The year saw huge leaps forward in creativity, with the likes of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, but also in terms of identities on screen in certain types of movies. Black Panther, Love, Simon and The Favourite offered under-represented people films that championed them that they in turn would champion. And the same eye for change crept into the way 2018's films presented sex.

While there was still a Fifty Shades movie (unsexy and terrible as it was) and Game Over, Man showed the bad side of analingus, sex was used on-screen in more subversive and more creative ways than ever before. Was 2018 the year gay sex scenes and romance became far more present in mainstream release? It certainly looks like a big step in that direction. And even beyond that, there were some great, memorable scenes that will stick in memory...

12. Outlaw King

Outlaw King Sex Scene

While most of the talk about Outlaw King pre-release - including by star Chris Pine himself - was about his full frontal scene (and the uneven response to it compared to that of co-star Florence Pugh), that scene has nothing to do with sex. It's a bathing scene, which requires nudity (hence part of Pine's frustration).

But that doesn't mean the film doesn't include some seriously loaded sexual scenes. The relationship between Pine's Robert the Bruce and Pugh's Elizabeth is as passionate as Bruce's patriotism (the two are drawn in parallel, in fact) and the scene in which the pair consummate their marriage is particularly powerful.

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