12 Biggest Unanswered Marvel Movie Mysteries

So why isn't the Iron Man suit made of Badassium then?

Marvel Studios

It goes without saying at this point that the good folks at Marvel Studios weave complex, interconnecting narratives that are often seeded years before they even become relevant in a meaningful way. Early Easter Eggs will become whole plot-lines in later movies and seemingly tiny details can come back to haunt characters in a major way. In other words, no brush-stroke is unintentional and seemingly no question is left unanswered unintentionally.

So, what happens when the film-makers leave certain questions unanswered for a provocatively long time? And what happens when certain revelations don't actually make sense in the grand plan plotted out by the Lord Almighty Kevin Feige? Well, they stick out rather aggressively, that's what.

Over the course of the MCU's existence, its films have left some mysteries tantalisingly unresolved, while others are simply unanswerable through context or accidental complexity (because plans change, as surely as the tides, no matter how firm Feige's resolve). In some cases, Marvel's grand plan may well reveal answers in the coming years and Phases, but some will remain Marvel Movie Mysteries long after this extended universe ends...

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