12 Blatant Copycat Movie Pairs (And Which Was Better)

A case of cinematic déjà vu.


They say that originality is dead, and you need only look so far as the Hollywood machine and its constant churning out of cliched and trope filled film for proof. In a way it makes sense: why try something new and daring when a tried and tested formula has proved profitable in the past?

But sometimes a couple of movies come out that are so similar in content and close together in release dates that it seems something more suspicious than a lack of originality is going on. These films are known as ‘copycat movies’ or ‘twin films’ as Wikipedia likes to call them – movies so barely discernible from each other that you’d swear they’re nigh on the same film.

This can happen for many reasons. Often, it’s something as innocent as films cashing in on a topical issue or a movie trying to piggyback on another’s success but sometimes there’s something more nefarious at work like industrial espionage.

Whatever the motivation, there’s no denying we’ve seen a glut of suspiciously similar films in recent years. Here, we name them and shame them and pit them against each other in a bid for the title of ‘who did it better’.


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