12 Bonkers Theories About 2018’s Movies That Surely Can’t Be True

Put your tinfoil hat on.

Chris Evans Iron Man Death

One of the great joys of being a film fan is soaking in all of the absurd fan theories that emerge for just about every highly anticipated movie. In retrospect, it's great fun to look back and see how creative and optimistic fans got, and how in rare cases, their wild predictions were actually correct against the odds.

2018 is clearly going to be one hell of a year for films, what with highly-anticipated entries into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the Star Wars and X-Men franchises. Fan speculation has already been running rampant about each of these movies for a long time, and the theories don't get much more imaginative or straight-up insane than this.

Will a beloved superhero die a weirdly anti-climactic death? Could beloved characters make shocking appearances from beyond the grave? Whether or not any of these anticipated 2018 movies bring these far-fetched rumours to life, the theories are nothing if not admirably bonkers...

12. Thanos Kills Iron Man With One Punch - Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War Thanos Iron Man
Marvel Studios

The Theory: When Thanos faces off against Iron Man, as shown in the film's first trailer, he'll kill him with a single punch.

Why It Can't Be True: Above all else, it's be an incredibly anti-climactic way for the leader of The Avengers to go. Plus, would Marvel Studios dare spoil something so momentous in the marketing? Surely not.

And then there's the fact that Robert Downey Jr. is currently filming the fourth Avengers movie, which casts even more doubt on him dying in Infinity War.

But..What If?: For starters, that was one hell of a punch, and Iron Man fell to the floor like a sack of you-know-what, which we've never really seen before.

Also, it'd have huge dramatic impact if he had a shockingly sudden death after jumping in to rescue Spider-Man. And of course, the fact that Downey Jr.'s shooting Avengers 4 means absolutely nothing, as he could easily be resurrected via the Eye of Agamotto anyway.


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