12 Bonkers Theories About 2018’s Movies That Surely Can’t Be True

2. Harrison Ford Has A Cameo - Solo: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars The Force Awakens Han Solo

The Theory: Harrison Ford will have a cameo appearance in the movie via a flashback (or in the context of this movie, flash-forward) taking place shortly before The Force Awakens.

Why It Can't Be True: Harrison Ford already had his victory lap for the Han Solo character, so he's probably totally done with the character, and let's be honest, even a cameo from him would add a few million dollars onto the cost of a production that's already had its share of issues.

Plus, in a movie that's already going to likely be rife with fan service, this could be one step too far.

But..What If?: It would be one hell of a crowd-pleasing surprise, that's for sure, especially if the scene featured Han and Lando just sitting in a bar or something, reminiscing on old times.

It's hard to imagine Disney not at least floating the idea to Ford just because of the boost it would provide a film that's been struggling to make it to screens.

And above all else, it's a sneaky way to give old Han Solo more screen time in the Star Wars universe without cheaply resurrecting him or any such nonsense.


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