12 Characters Who Will Probably Die In 2018's Biggest Movies

12. Jean Grey - X-Men: Dark Phoenix

X-Men Apocalypse Jean Grey
20th Century Fox

Why She Should Die: Director Simon Kinberg has already stated that this new adaptation of the much-loved Dark Phoenix Saga will aim to be incredibly faithful to the spirit of the comic series, so as per the source material, Jean Grey has to die, right?

Considering that this Dark Phoenix adaptation will likely function as a fairly self-contained, single-movie adventure, Jean's death at the end will also allow Kinberg to sneak a post-credits scene in there which hints at her being reborn in time for the next movie.

How She'll Die: Presumably Dark Phoenix will begin to take control of Jean at the end of the film, so in her final moments of humanity, Jean will obliterate herself in order to save the world from being destroyed by her powers.

She'll explode in a cloud of CGI dust, probably.


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