12 Comic Book Movie Moments That Ignored The Script

Sometimes it’s the unscripted moments that make the movie.

The Dark Knight Joker Button
Warner Bros.

Considering that many screenplays are in a constant state of fluctuation from pretty much the get-go, often undergoing countless redrafts and edits before and after filming begins, it makes sense that the finished filmed product might stray from the script at least once or twice.

Transferring a story from the pages of a screenplay, via the vision of the director and creative take of cast members, and finally to the big screen is a collaborative process that each leaves their mark on, and every so often it’s the unscripted parts – the ad-libbed lines, the amusingly improvised reactions, the left in goofs – that make up a film’s most memorable moments. After all, what would classics like Taxi Driver and The Shining be without Travis Bickle’s improvised ‘You talking to me?’ or Jack Torrance’s unscripted ‘Heeeeeeeere’s Johnny’?

It extends to all genres and comic book movies are no exception to the rule, with their often comedic scripts ripe for a spot of spontaneous improvisation. Read on for some of the best unscripted comic book movies moments in recent years.


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