12 Critically Acclaimed Recent Movies That Actually Sucked

These fresh tomatoes deserve to be rotten.

Ocean S 8
Warner Bros.

Rotten Tomatoes scores are such an important part of movie marketing these days that studios will intentionally screen their movies to critics last-minute if they have the slightest suspicion they won't end up in Fresh territory.

On the other hand, crossing the 60% barrier can increase a movie's box office potential many times over, as on-the-fence audiences decide to head to the cinema rather than wait for the VOD release in a few months' time.

These 12 movies, however, have scored some of the most dubious critical praise of the last few months, earning shockingly generous reviews from the press at large, no matter that they're just not very good.

By wowing the press with an appealing awards narrative or simply being a film that critics desperately wanted to like, these movies managed to score over-the-odds notices despite being embraced far less enthusiastically by audiences at large.

Though many claim that professional film critics are tough to please, these staggeringly generous Rotten Tomatoes scores suggest otherwise...


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