12 Critically Acclaimed Recent Movies That Actually Sucked

12. Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour Gary Oldman
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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 85% (7.3/10 average)

What The Critics Said: Gary Oldman's "chameleonic", Oscar-winning performance as Winston Churchill received near-universal praise from critics, who deemed it the high-point of an engrossing, richly rewarding historical drama.

Why It Actually Sucked: The praise for this one is pretty inexplicable. Oldman is unquestionably worthy of an Academy Award, but his comically over-the-top performance here feels more like an act of caricature than a convincingly authentic portrayal of the famed Prime Minister.

Oldman is never fully able to disappear underneath the - admittedly astonishing - makeup, while Joe Wright's flat direction makes the 125 minute run-time feel like a chore, unaided by some grotesquely washed-out cinematography.

Brian Cox gave a far more convincing portrayal in 2016's Churchill, but because it was the "right time" for Oldman to win an Oscar and critics got caught up in all the awards buzz, the movie remains a bafflingly overrated slice of mediocre awards bait.


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