A new attitude is evolving in our culture towards actors. With the explosion of the digital age and the Internet being famous has become ever more of a relative term then it was in the past. Anyone can be famous, which is not saying the same thing as being Hollywood famous. Today if you’re Hollywood famous you’ve probably taken your money and holed up in some fortress in the hills, terrified of the slobbering fiends that stalk the dark LA streets howling for celebrity blood.

It’s a very different world than the one we lived in the 90s. The attitude most Americans have towards celebs now is one of a unifying disrespect. Sure we like our favs, but everyone assumes that actors are way too overpaid for what they do and have no clue about what’s going on in the universe. Despite appearences given off by corporate media, the second an actor decides to have an opinion (usually in the political arena) most Americans are stuffing their ear canals with middle fingers and begging them to shut up.

What most of us fail to realize though is that before actors became the famous names and faces they are today once they were exactly like you and me. No one knew who they were, they didn’t have anybody coaching them on how to look good, and no one was signing them ten million dollar checks to be themselves for the most part on the big screen. Before they got to be famous they had to start out as something else.

And sometimes before they got to be famous they first had to go through all kinds of hell.

Here’s to actors. Respect.

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This article was first posted on July 11, 2013