12 Fan Character Designs Better Than What We Got

12. Cyborg (Justice League)

Justice League Cyborg
Warner Bros. & Lewis Fischer

Though the DCEU has played host to its fair share of calamitous character designs, by far the most unpopular on the superhero side of things is that of Cyborg (Ray Fisher).

If it wasn't bad enough that this version of the cult hero was rendered almost entirely in ghastly, unconvincing CGI, the bulky metal exterior felt like over-design for no sake but its own, having little practical purpose and simply being aesthetically ugly.

This nifty re-design from artist Lewis Fischer, however, does away with all of these issues, switching out most of Cyborg's metal armour for a tactical sneaking suit that could be achieved practically, combined with metal components which would require only minor CGI touch-ups at most.

Above all else the practical focus would allow a more believable symbiosis of man and hardware, while looking a good deal more sleek and less clumsy. An effortless upgrade, then.


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