12 Horror Movies That Deserved Sequels

12. Troll Hunter

SF Norge

This 2010 feature from director André Øvredal proved two things which, at the time, were a bit of a surprise to international audiences: firstly, that there was still some life in the found footage format; secondly, that Norway could produce world-class genre films.

Starting out very down to earth and humdrum, Troll Hunter is the video diary of a trio of young media students in production on a documentary for class, following an enigmatic loner who they suspect may have something to do with a slew of dead bears found in the area.

However, the mystery man turns out to be something altogether different: a hunter of trolls, secretly employed by the Norwegian government to keep the unruly creatures under control.

Particularly considering the film's low budget, the CGI trolls are truly breathtaking, and the concept is so much fun it cries out for further exploration - yet there's been no follow-up, nor any indications that one might be in the works.

A shame - although it's perhaps more pleasing to note that plans for a US remake (in motion before the film even went on general release) also failed to gain momentum.


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