12 Huge Movies That IT Destroyed At The Box Office

It definitely floats.

It Pennywise
Warner Bros.

While the hype surrounding the glossy new adaptation of Stephen King's legendary horror novel It built steadily in the months ahead of the film's release, did anyone really expect it to be this insanely successful?

At the time of press, It has grossed more than $600 million worldwide, and will likely end up closer to the $700 million mark by the time it's all said and done, a ridiculously impressive number for a film optimistic analysts expected would total around $300-400 million worldwide.

It says a lot about audience hunger for well-made R-rated horror films, and it's hugely encouraging to see such a sharply-constructed studio horror perform so well, clearly outside of the usual demographics.

So successful has It been that the film has even trounced a number of movies you'd never expect, namely new entries into hit franchises and highly-anticipated blockbusters from well-established directors.

Regardless of how It: Chapter Two turns out in 2019, nobody can take away the stonking box office success of this King adaptation, which keeps beating out huge new movies with each passing week...

12. Every Conjuring Universe Movie

The Conjuring Vera Farmiga
Warner Bros.

Box Office: Annabelle ($256.8 million), Annabelle: Creation ($298.1 million), The Conjuring ($318 million), and The Conjuring 2 ($320.2 million)

The most critically-acclaimed and financially successful horror franchise of recent years is unquestionably The Conjuring Universe, so it says a lot when It has almost doubled the gross of any movie in James Wan's ultra-successful horror series.

It's incredibly uncommon for horror movies, especially those with an R-rating, to get anywhere near the $300 million mark, so while Wan's achievement is undeniably impressive, that collective fear of clowns has seemingly blown it completely out of the water.

Granted, Stephen King's source material is far more widely-known than the "true" story of the Warrens, but even so, beating the most successful current horror franchise at its own game is no easy feat.


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