12 Huge Movies That Wonder Woman Destroyed At The Box Office

Deadpool just got beat.

Wonder Woman Deadpool
Fox & Warner Bros.

It's safe to say that Wonder Woman has been a far bigger success than just about anyone expected, opening to by far the strongest reviews in the DC Extended Universe as of yet, and at the time of press, the Gal Gadot-led period superhero flick is closing in on the $800 million mark worldwide.

Demolishing domestic box office records and demonstrating some of the strongest "legs" of any tentpole this year (stop, the joke's already been done), the movie is a major hit with broad audiences the world over, proving beyond any doubt to behind-the-times studios that, yes, audiences do want to see female-led superhero films.

It'll be interesting to see how the movie's success changes the landscape of comic book movies moving forward. Maybe Marvel will finally get that damn Black Widow movie made that everyone's been demanding for the last five years.

Either way, it's undeniably a good thing to see Wonder Woman destroying movies as iconic, successful and hyped-up as these...

12. These Female-Led Superhero Bombs

catwoman halle berry.jpg
Warner Bros.

Box Office: Elektra ($56.7 million), Catwoman ($82.1 million)

Before we get to the iconic and successful movies, it's worth taking stock of just how huge a leap Wonder Woman has made from the few prior female-led superhero movies to actually get a decent budget and major theatrical release.

Wonder Woman is the first female-starring major comic book movie since 2004's Catwoman and 2005's Elektra put Hollywood off the idea, due to their horrendously awful scripts which led to risible reviews and a paltry box office in each case.

Thankfully Wonder Woman has nearly multiplied Catwoman's embarrassing worldwide cume almost ten-fold, and Elektra even more than that, finally ditching this moldy "lady superhero films don't make money" narrative once and for all.

And now, onto some movies that actually made a profit...


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