It’s very nearly Halloween, and as the big night draws ever nearer, it’s time to start carving your pumpkin ready for the procession of ghouled-up children endlessly knocking on the door demanding sweets or small electrical goods, while threatening toilet-paper voilence against your front lawn.

And what better way to sing your geeky allegiances than to carve your Jack O Lantern into something that says who you are as a person and most importantly, as a geek? Whether you’re a fan of Doctor Who, or a Star Wars aficionado, there’s something here for everyone, as we collect the best geeky pumpkin designs to help inspire your own Halloween creations.

So get out your knives, cut out your stencils (a little cheating is heartily encouraged if the end justifies the means) and prepare to be dazzled by the greatest fan-made homages to the biggest geeky properties from the worlds of TV and film.

But before then, we start with a lovingly crafted, and fittingly creepy tribute to a dearly departed legend of WWE…


12. Paul Bearer

Paul Bearer

Difficulty Rating: 7/10

Redditor Montbeau created this exceptional tribute to the late, great Paul Bearer. A tribute that the supernaturally inclined showman would presumably have approved of.

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This article was first posted on October 30, 2013