12 Most Anticipated Upcoming Original Movie Characters

DiCaprio and Tarantino get reunited.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
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Originality isn't easy to come by in Hollywood these days, and though the vast majority of these 12 movies are indeed sequels, spin-offs or reboots, they are at least promising some enticing new additions to their respective franchises.

After all, a well-cast, charismatic and entertaining original movie character can be a major benefit to even the most flagging movie series, injecting some much-needed charm and uniqueness.

It remains to be seen how these movies will ultimately end up, but each nevertheless touts considerable promise on the basis of these original characters alone.

From intriguing set photos to leaked casting information and just the sheer calibre of the performers themselves, these characters could very well end up the easy MVPs of their respective movies regardless of whether they're the lead or not.

From uproarious comedy roles to alluring parts in taut action thrillers and everything in-between, these are the 12 characters to keep your eyes on for the foreseeable future...


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