12 Movies From 2016 That Were Unfairly Hated

These films got a lot of flak, but are they really all that bad?


Not every movie released will please every moviegoer. Neither will every movie please all film critics. Managing to make a film that pleases both audiences and critics is an even harder feat to realise, and a tonne of movies released during 2016 are definitive proof of that. But just because a movie doesn’t receive universal acclaim, it isn’t necessarily a terrible movie either. There’s many a reason why a film can fall flat. Perhaps it doesn’t live up to audience’s expectations of what it should be; perhaps certain film critics don’t see the merit in less ‘serious’ films. But attitudes like that, from both critics and general moviegoers, means films that are actually fairly decent get dismissed.

While the movies featured on this list are by no means perfect – that is, if ‘perfect’ means both universal critical acclaim and raking in huge amounts of money by putting moviegoer derrieres in seats – they’re by no means the most terrible movies in the history of cinema.

Some were lavished with praise from the film press but rebuffed by audiences and others earned huge box office profits but were panned by film buffs.

Some were disliked by both critics and audiences, but what unites them all is that they didn’t deserve half the hate they got.

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