12 Movies You Wrongly Thought Bombed In 2018

Never bet against The Rock.

Skyscraper Dwayne Johnson

2018 was most certainly a year full of box office bombs both expected (A Wrinkle in Time, Robin Hood, Mortal Engines) and anything but (Solo: A Star Wars Story).

There's a lot of debate about what exactly constitutes a bomb, especially with movie studios often refusing to disclose how much money is spent on promoting their films.

But the most common formula for deducing a sure commercial flop is a failure to gross more than 2x its production budget, as was the case with all of the aforementioned projects.

If you listened to doom-and-gloom analysts or simply assumed a badly-received movie tanked with general audiences, it was easy to believe that these 12 movies were also utter failures at the box office.

But in fact, they all safely passed the bomb threshold, and while most of them fell short of optimistic studio expectations, that doesn't mean they didn't make a profit.

Far from the embarrassing flops you thought they were, these films performed stronger than you likely expected...

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