12 Predictions For "Upcoming" Sequels Ever Being Made

12. Star Trek 4

Star Trek Beyond Kirk

Following the release of Star Trek Beyond in summer of 2016, plans were quickly confirmed for a fourth film, which would reintegrate Chris Hemsworth's Kirk Sr. into the franchise.

In April of this year production seemed to be moving in the right direction, with S.J. Clarkson (Marvel's The Defenders) tapped to direct a script from J. D. Payne and Patrick McKay, who were both uncredited writers on Beyond.

Current Status: It was reported last month that Hemsworth and Chris Pine both walked away from negotiations after being asked to lower their fees following Beyond's under-performance at the box office (just barely failing to double its budget).

How Likely Is It?: The Pine-Hemsworth news is near enough confirmation that the Kelvin timeline Star Trek movies are dead. A reboot is pretty much inevitable within the next few years, whether it's Quentin Tarantino's planned movie or something we don't even know about yet.

Star Trek 4, though? Don't get your hopes up. 3/10


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