12 Problems Nobody Wants To Admit About Star Wars: The Last Jedi

11. The Fathier Chase Felt Like A Prequel Scene

Star Wars The Last Jedi Fathier

It hurts to even admit this one, but yes, the Fathier chase on Canto Bight is by far the worst part of the movie, if only because it's horribly reminiscent of some of the over-the-top nonsense from the prequel trilogy: campy to the max and overly reliant on dodgy visual effects.

There's nothing inherently wrong with a chase scene of this kind, but the blurry CGI combined with some ugly-looking close-ups of Finn and Rose (poorly composited via the wonders of green screen) make it more distractingly silly than anything.

Typically the new Star Wars movies have been much more judicious and sparing with how they employ CGI, but this was one step too far.


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