12 R-Rated Comic Book Movies We Need To See After Logan & Deadpool

12. Deadpool Vs Wolverine

Deadpool Wolverine

Given the way Ryan Reynolds has flirted with Hugh Jackman around the releases of both Deadpool and Logan (and the former film's inherent fascination with Wolvie), you'd think Fox were already brewing a cross-over. But it wasn't to be ultimately, and we're now left to imagine what if.

But what if it still could happen? Imagine the same bold adoption of violence we saw in Logan but with the humour of Deadpool and pauses to riff with the audience... That might at least make up for the inferior villains of Deadpool and give us more of a reason to care.

And with an R-rating and two basically invincible characters you get the cinematic equivalent of the Peter versus Giant Chicken fights in Family Guy. Now try and pretend you're not excited at the idea of that...

The Likelihood

With Hugh Jackman... Don't count on it. But without him? Don't be at all surprised if Fox aren't already having the conversation. It became very clear when the news of a supposed Deadpool cameo in Logan came to light that there was a lot of fan desire for the cross-over to happen.

And, let's be honest here, it's going to be a topic of conversation in every Deadpool or X-Men related interview until someone pulls the trigger on it. So they might as well just relent now.

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