12 Reasons 1985 Was The Most Important Movie Year Ever

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Before technological advances and audience thirst for innovation and unique creativity changed how cinematic achievements are charted, it used to be that we could chart watershed moments in easy chapters. In 1897 the first studios were formed; 1902 saw A Trip To The Moon in colour; in 1927 sound came with The Jazz Singer€ Now, everything is so grand and epic that the spectacular is normal. But that wasn€™t the case in 1985, the last truly transformative film year. If you were lucky enough to live it, it was like a series of ground-zero events that would shake cinema to its core, but because of its importance, there€™s no way even the youngest ticket buying film fans could escape its legacy. Obviously the best films of the year are important to note, but bringing up classics like Brazil, Prizzi€™s Honour, Out Of Africa, Ran and The Color Purple is too easy, and way too boring. You€™re looking for something more substantial here; something more life affirming, and by the fur of Einstein did 1985 deliver on that front€
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