12 Reasons Captain America Makes The Best Standalone Marvel Movies

Sorry Tony, we're just not that into you.

Although the main draw of Marvel€™s Cinematic Universe is the Avengers, there needs to be entertaining standalone films that are more than just filler for audiences waiting for Joss Whedon assemble the gang. Thankfully they€™ve been delivering, with a string of hits that more than justify themselves next to the New York-threatening team-up. The latest of these, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, is here and continues the good work of Iron Man Three and Thor: The Dark World, marking out the MCU as an increasingly unique approach to the superhero genre. Bringing man-out-of-time Steve Rogers back to the leading man status, it's one of Marvel's most mature films and certainly their most tensely plotted. The film is so good, in fact, it€™s probably the best Marvel standalone movie we€™ve got so far. With a cast of characters who all get their moment without distracting from its titular hero, it€™s a high mark that the rest of the year's blockbusters should aim for. 2011€™s The First Avenger was likewise a strong, if more romp-y, film that really embraced the character's legacy (he's been a stalwart of Marvel longer than Spider-Man and the X-Men). All of which leads us to this conclusion; Captain America makes the best standalone Marvel movies. Don€™t believe us? Here€™s twelve reasons why. Spoilers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier are present throughout.

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