12 Reasons Why Casablanca is the Greatest Film of All Time

3. The Rest of the Cast

Not only are Bogart and Bergman perfectly cast in their roles, but most of the remaining actors in Casablanca are perfect as well - even the bit players and extras. From the pickpocket warning everyone of "vultures" in Casablanca to the old German couple and their "What watch?" scene, the bit parts shine through quite clearly. And then there's the supporting cast. Claude Rains portrays Captain Louis Renault flawlessly. He delivers several of the most memorable quotes in the movie with an outstanding comedic touch. Paul Henreid, who plays Victor Laszlo, has directed and acted in almost 100 different films and television shows. His portrayal of Laszlo, while not flawless, was pretty good. His best performance came during the scene of the dueling songs in Rick's cafe. Peter Lorre is just a fun guy to watch. Who else plays such weaselly characters as Ugarte so perfectly? Dooley Wilson's role as Sam was every bit as good as Claude Rains. Dooley's version of "As Time Goes By" is still my favorite. Even Madeleine Lebeau's performance as Yvonne was outstanding. Supposedly the last surviving cast member of Casablanca, Lebeau's "conversion" back to her French heritage during Laszlo's singing of "La Marseillaise" is filled with genuine emotion. Many of the extras (as well as Lebeau) singing "La Marseillaise" were French refugees who fled the Nazi occupation The passion and the tears in that scene are quite real.

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