12 Ridiculous Castings That Almost Ruined DC Comic Book Movies

1. Nicolas Cage - Constantine


The Role: John Constantine

Who Was Cast Instead: Keanu Reeves

What Happened?

Back in 2001, Tarsem Singh was attached to direct Constantine for Warner Bros, and the intention was to begin filming with Nic Cage as the former Liverpudlian, heavy-smoking demon slayer. Sadly for him, Singh fell out with the studio and the two parties sued each other, before Francis Lawrence came on board and hired Keanu Reeves instead.

The Results

Reeves was awful as Constantine, but he at least under-played the role: Cage would have been a far more unstable, far more showy performance, even if he tried to be restrained. It would have been a disaster, and probably would have joined the pantheon of Cage's roles that aren't supposed to be funny, but which are utterly hysterical to watch.

Which of these roles do you think would have been most disastrous? Share your reactions below in the comments thread.

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